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Our Code of Business Principles and Ethics, together with our values, guides our conduct, our decision-making and that of our contractors.

The board, recognising that good governance underpins value creation for all stakeholders and the sustainability of the business, provides ethical leadership and is ultimately responsible for our corporate governance.

AngloGold Ashanti also maintains policies and procedures designed to ensure compliance with applicable anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws, including those requiring that accurate accounts and records be maintained. These policies and procedures are used to raise employee and stakeholder awareness relating to bribery and corruption.

Related policies

Our Code

Our Code is the defining document for AngloGold Ashanti’s values and ethics, and is used in addition to the applicable laws, regulations, standards and contractual obligations to guide our business decisions in the countries in which we operate. Our Code provides a framework and sets requirements for the implementation of key corporate policies and guidelines. It addresses:

Compliance with laws and regulations
Fraud, bribery and corruption
Gifts, hospitality and sponsorship
Responsible sourcing
Conflicts of interest
Conflicts of interest
Confidential reporting
Compliance risk assessments


AngloGold Ashanti commits itself to ethical leadership and responsible corporate citizenship. To give credence to this commitment, the Board has approved a Whilstleblowing policy underpinned by a formal Speak-up program to foster organisational accountability, transparency, and individual responsibility by encouraging stakeholders to report violations in a responsible and ethical manner. Speak-up allows for the reporting of misconduct (illegal or otherwise) or unethical activity within an organisation for an independent and objective investigation.

The management of the Speak-up program incorporates the use of a third party, Tip-offs Anonymous, enabling all stakeholders to report confidentially and anonymously.

Contact Tip-offs Anonymous


  • Argentina: 08009993842 (toll-free)
  • Australia: 1800706299 (toll-free)
  • Brazil: 08007038422 (toll-free)
  • Colombia: 018000-119102 (toll-free)
  • Ghana: 0800 400 001 (toll-free)
  • Guinea: *3727
  • South Africa: 0800203607 (toll-free)
  • Tanzania: 1559
  • USA: 18004935414 (toll-free)
  • International: +27 31 5715654


  • International: +27 73 573 8075 (International rates apply)
  • South Africa: 32840 (SMS charged at R1)



  • South Africa: 0800007788
  • International: +27 31 5607395



Free post – South Africa only:

DN298, Umhlanga Rocks, 4320


PO Box 774, Umhlanga Rocks, 4320, RSA

Before making a report

We encourage you to gather as much relevant information as possible. The following guidelines are intended to assist you:

  • Business unit and country;
  • Department involved;
  • Names or titles of people involved;
  • Names of outside parties involved;
  • Dates/periods of alleged events;
  • Evidence that may exist;
  • Amounts, if money involved;
  • Nature of assets; and/or
  • Danger posed

Please note that when using the email address above to report, your email account will be visible to Tip-Offs Anonymous. Individuals can request Tip-Offs Anonymous to not disclose this information to AngloGold Ashanti.