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World Aids Day

1 December 2023

AngloGold Ashanti joins the world in commemorating World AIDS Day and is proud to have played a significant part in measuring, managing and mitigating HIV and AIDS in mining.

This year’s theme: Let Communities Lead gives all stakeholders the opportunity to reflect on the progress made to date and raise awareness about the challenges that remain if we are going to achieve the global goal of ending AIDS by 2030.

Our message  

In support of World AIDS Day

Organizations of communities living with, at risk of, or affected by HIV have been the frontline of progress in the HIV response. This year’s theme encourages communities to strengthen their support and take the fight to end AIDS in their towns, families and homes.

This year’s World AIDS Day is a celebration of the role communities continue to play in mobilizing the message and an appeal to organizations and governments to support communities as they take leadership and give the movement greater impetus in the push to reach the 2030 goal of ending AIDS.

AngloGold Ashanti joins the global community in commemorating World Aids Day. We remain committed to ending HIV and AIDS-related stigma and ensuring our employees and their families have access to essential medical care and life-saving medication. Having experienced the devastation of this disease firsthand, we understand the importance of continued awareness and education on treatment and prevention.

AIDS is treatable, and with the right medical treatment and care those living with the disease can live a happy and fulfilling life. There is nothing more precious than a human life, so let us all raise our voices and stand together to end AIDS.

UNAIDS.ORG     AGA Sustainability Report (Safety and Health section) PDF, 17.6mb

16 Days of Activism

25 November to 10 December 2023

AngloGold Ashanti joins the international community to mark the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence under the theme “UNITE! Invest to prevent violence against women and girls”. AngloGold Ashanti continues to support programs and create awareness in our organization and within our communities to address the prevalence of gender-based violence globally.

Our message

Playing our part in the fight against gender-based violence

Commemorated each year between 25 November and 10 December, 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence is a global initiative aimed at raising awareness of gender-based violence, galvanizing advocacy efforts and sharing knowledge to help end all types of violence against women and girls.

AngloGold Ashanti stands united in a commitment to zero tolerance for any form of gender-based violence and discrimination. Gender-based violence is a global health, gender equity and human rights priority and AngloGold Ashanti supports this collective call for increased efforts in every nation and culture to guarantee that women live without fearing violence or undue pressure.

According to the United Nations, nearly one in three women aged 15 and older are reported to have been subjected to some form of violence. The long-term health effects of violence affect physical, mental, sexual, and reproductive wellbeing and emphasize the urgent need for significant action to be taken now.

We encourage employees to support the upcoming international campaign and the global initiative to actively cultivate a world that opposes gender-based violence. The responsibility lies within every one of us to play our role in taking action to address and prevent gender-based violence.

Together we can challenge misogyny and violence, and make sure women are heard and victims have access to support. We are playing our part in the fight – are you?

Q3 2023 Production Update

"Gold production has improved in the third quarter of 2023 and is expected to step up again over the remainder of the year, in line with our guidance,” CEO Alberto Calderon said. “We continue the work across a number of fronts to enhance our competitiveness..."

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The replay facility will be available 1 hour after the end of the conference until 14 November 2023 at

Human Rights Report 2022

AngloGold Ashanti has a responsibility to respect human rights and, where practically possible, to leverage its position and influence to ensure that state actors, as well as our suppliers and other partners, protect human rights.

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World Aids Day


16 Days of Activism

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Q3 production update


Human Rights Report

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