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Risk management

In the complex and unpredictable environment in which mining companies operate, effective risk management is central to business success.

We have developed a Group risk management framework that allow us to identify, assess, respond to, manage and record risks. The framework allows us to monitor the potential risks and opportunities associated with uncertainty, societal and political transition, economic fluctuations, regulatory changes and operational and production risks in a proactive and systematic way through all areas of our business and by all levels of management. This framework applies across the company and to all Group-managed entities.

AngloGold Ashanti has a formal risk management policy and a comprehensive set of risk management standards. We adhere to the King IV Corporate Governance Risk Principles, ISO 31000 and the Committee of Sponsoring Organisations (COSO) Enterprise Risk Management Framework.

For details on our external risks and opportunities, refer to <IR>:Managing our risks and opportunities

Managing cybersecurity

Ensuring that AngloGold Ashanti technology assets are always protected is key for our sustainability. As cyber related threats continue to grow, with malicious parties targeting industrial organisations with extortion through ransomware, we are committed to minimising the risk to the business. Maintaining cybersecurity across our operations receives ongoing focus and oversight.

The cybersecurity team operates a global 24/7 service that monitors all information technology assets in real-time, scanning for any imminent threats. We are committed to minimising the risk to the business and have incorporated the NIST Cyber Security framework into our cybersecurity operating model at all levels. For assurance, all policies and procedures are reviewed on a regular basis and audited for compliance.

Fake web domains & Social media scams

As a global organisation, we are aware of fake web domain and social media scams specifically targeting AngloGold Ashanti. These potential threats are under constant monitoring and we urge the public to inspect any email or web link that may be masked as a fake message and report these using our whistle-blowing platform, 

For more information on fake domains, refer to the 2019 press release by the Internet Service Providers Association.