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We protect and responsibly manage the natural resources under our care.

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Rethinking tailings deposition at Cuiabá Mine

Tailings deposition at Cuiabá Mine has undergone a major transformation over the years, as the facility has adapted to changing operational needs and changes in Brazilian legislation following the catastrophic failures at Samarco in 2015 and Brumadinho in 2019.

Powering Sustainability: Tropicana's journey with hybrid renewable energy

AngloGold Ashanti commissioned an Independent Power Provider to construct and operate a 62 MW hybrid wind and solar facility, 330 km east-northeast of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia.

AngloGold Ashanti Brazil’s TSF Emergency Preparation Plan provides blueprint for Group roll-out

AngloGold Ashanti Brazil is working to fulfil its commitment to implement the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management within three years.

Environmental Education Centre raises awareness and reinforces ESG agenda

Our Environmental Education Centre in Nova Lima, Brazil, was established in 2000 to increase awareness of socio-environmental matters and reinforce our commitment to sustainable development.

Serra Grande achieves full conversion to filtered tailings
Serra Grande achieves full conversion to filtered tailings

In September 2021, AngloGold Ashanti’s Serra Grande mine became the first mine in Brazil to implement a 100% filtered tailings disposal system. This means that, at the end of ore processing, all the tailings generated go through a drying process after which it is placed in filtered tailings stacks. Wet tailings are no longer sent to the tailings storage facilities.

Water quality testing, Geita, Tanzania
In-situ water remediation at Geita

AngloGold Ashanti is rolling out a novel in situ water remediation project at its Geita mine in Tanzania, working with a local Tanzanian/German joint venture partner that will use a process where naturally occurring bacteria directly remediates sulphate in groundwater.

Mine Closure Committee, Obuasi, Ghana
Obuasi Mine’s Closure Consultative Committee

The key purpose of the Closure Consultative Committee (CCC) is to track the implementation of the mine’s reclamation plan, ensuring that the completion criteria contained in RSA are met.

Quebradona Biodiversity Initiative [artist illustration]
Quebradona Biodiversity Initiative

A ground-breaking plan to create and integrate a park and biodiversity centre into its Quebradona copper-gold project, in Colombia’s Antioquia province.

Tailings storage facility management, Brazil
Tailings storage facility management in Brazil

We have engaged with concerned communities to demonstrate the effectiveness of our TSF management systems. In 2019, more the 850 people from our nearby communities participated in visits to TSFs.

Cerro Vanguardia, Argentina
Taking action on climate change

A new climate change strategy is crucial to ensure that we insulate our operations and host communities against physical climate risks.