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The overall aim of AngloGold Ashanti’s strategy is to generate sustainable cash flow improvements and returns over the longer term and, in so doing, to create and preserve value for all our stakeholders.

Our strategic focus areas

Supporting our strategy for sustainable cash flow improvements and returns

Prioritise people, safety, health and sustainability

This focus area is the foundation of our business and strategy, ensuring alignment between our values and corporate citizenship responsibilities on the one hand and the business’s long-term growth, sustainability and profitability on the other.

Maintain financial flexibility

By ensuring financial flexibility, we will facilitate access to funding to weather periods of low gold prices, to reward shareholders and to act on strategic opportunities throughout the economic cycle.

Optimise overhead, costs and capital expenditure

Systems are in place to ensure investment and spending are optimally structured and aligned with core business objectives. In so doing, we aim to maximise our margins throughout the gold-price cycle, withstanding and even flourishing during periods of low gold prices and continuing to invest in the sustainability of our business without unnecessarily relying on dilutive equity raising

Improve portfolio quality

We actively manage our asset portfolio to improve the overall mix of our production base as we strive for a competitive business valuation. This is key to unlocking the full underlying value of the portfolio. We continue to invest in upgrading the overall quality and longevity of our portfolio.

Maintain long-term optionality

We aim to continually replenish and increase our Mineral Resource and Mineral Reserve pipeline to sustain the business over time. Key to achieving this are our exploration activities, project development and targeted acquisitions. By discovering, acquiring, developing and exploiting viable orebodies sustainably and cost efficiently, AngloGold Ashanti positions itself to create long-term value.

For more detail on our strategy and its related strategic focus areas, see the UK Annual Report 2023

Overall, these strategic focus areas seek to ensure that:

  • Our portfolio is streamlined, optimised and margin-focused
  • A robust, disciplined capital allocation framework is in place
  • Our workforce is engaged, with employee safety, health and well-being as priorities
  • Responsible corporate citizenship, based on our values, and good governance are the foundation of all that we do