1 August, 2017 Martie Steyn


The Public Call for Projects in Brazil is an initiative that involves the community in an open and transparent manner through the selection of social projects to be supported by AngloGold Ashanti. Our social investment strategy prioritises projects focused on job and income generation, education, culture and environment. Every year, local social projects can apply to receive the support, as long as it meets the guidelines. The selection is made by local committees comprising professionals from AngloGold Ashanti, specialists in social projects and representatives from the communities.

The initiative also provides training for selected members from host communities in a number of disciplines such as Organisational Planning and Management, Governance, Financial Management and Business Modelling. With these skills, participants are encouraged to develop business plans for projects, and to seek financial resources for funding of these projects.

In five editions over a number of years, the Public Call for Projects initiative has supported 122 projects in the municipalities neighbouring our operations, and directly benefited around 20 000 people. Following are two case studies.

Art in Motion
The “Art in Motion” project in the city of Nova Lima was supported by AngloGold Ashanti in the Public Call for Projects 2015. Trough the initiative 20 craftsmen were trained in various craft techniques with the objective of creating themed collections of handmade products with local identity, strengthening the local culture which includes the history, landscapes, flora and fauna. The collections were developed with unique techniques ranging from embroidery, pottery, ceramic painting, marquetry, artistic ironwork, jewelry and more. Sales of crafts for the 2015 year increased 30% compared to the 2014 year, testament to the growing success of the initiative.

Ecological Watercolour Soap
By observing the daily habits of her fellow community members, Vanda de Fátima Silva developed an idea for a project she titled “Sabão Ecológico Aquarela” – Ecological Watercolor Soap. Every month the industrious producers transform ordinary kitchen oil donated by the community and our mining operation, Serra Grande, into more than 250 kilograms of soap. Through the Public Call for Projects initiative, eight families in need of generating income became involved in developing the business plan. With funding from AngloGold Ashanti, the initial project began in 2012. “I watched many people dispose of kitchen oil incorrectly, into normal trash bins or into sinks. So I thought of a way to reuse it”, said Vanda de Fátima Silva.