The health and wellbeing of people is critical to our success

We actively work to mitigate health risks in the workplace, and also respond to community health issues in the areas where we operate.

Our primary goal is to create workplaces free of occupational diseases.

Occupational disease prevention and management is the primary focus of the company’s health-related activities. Key health issues facing the company include exposure to occupational hazards and the development of diseases such as Silicosis, Occupational Tuberculosis and Noise Induced Hearing Loss. We work to continually improve prevention efforts and to reduce exposures to hazards.

While the general health of populations is complex and influenced by factors beyond the company’s control, we aim for the health of our employees to be at least as good as that of the general population, both during employment and after leaving the company. Over the past decade AngloGold Ashanti has progressively strengthened its ability to respond to health risks.

Contributing to improving community health.

High burdens of both communicable and non-communicable diseases are prevalent in areas where we operate. Furthermore, there are growing expectations for the company to contribute positively to enhancing community health. Our approach in responding is to contribute to strengthening local health systems for sustainability, as well as to work in partnership with governments and other stakeholders to address specific health challenges.