The safety of people is our priority

We are committed to living the value of safety through unrelenting vigilance, analysis and the constant pursuit of innovative, effective controls to improve our performance.


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Safety is our first value, and our primary objective is to operate the business free of occupational injury and harm.

Improving our ability to operate safely requires a multi-layered approach. This involves:


  • Strengthening our company’s culture by demonstrating our leadership commitment and living the organisational values;
  • Implementing resilient safety standards, procedures and supporting systems;
  • Building and maintaining organisational capability and capacity through comprehensive safety training programmes;
  • Proactively identifying threats, assessing risks and continuously instituting a robust hierarchy of  controls to eliminate priority unwanted events;
  • Strict adherence to principles of good corporate governance and compliance with all regulations and standards; and
  • Embracing innovation and technology.


All our operating areas have aligned safety strategies in place. We use a multitude of leading and lagging indicators to objectively monitor and track our performance.  Measures include training completion, action closure, risk reduction, high potential incident occurrence, and injury and severity rates.  Through transparent reporting, focusing on lower level deviations and leveraging organisational learning, we continuously reduce the occurrence of safety-related incidents across the business.


Despite our achievements, we cannot and will not rest on past performance.  We continue to challenge ourselves and raise our expectations.  We live and actively demonstrate our commitment to safety every day.