Embedding sustainability in our strategy makes business sense

Sustainability Vision

“To change the way people experience the company, through positive engagement and development for mutual benefit, across all stages of the mine life cycle. We focus on the wellbeing and development of employees, building a resilient company and contributing to the development of economically, socially and physically resilient host communities and environments.”

Sustainability is core to our business.

Our strategy recognises that we conduct business in an evolving global landscape and our ability to achieve sustainable outcomes is intertwined with people, politics, the planet and the economy. We acknowledge an increasing complexity in our operating environments, with heightened expectations for business to contribute meaningfully to social, economic and environmental development and protection.


Executing our strategy.

In executing our strategy, we seek to embed sustainability into all aspects of our business and value chain, from the initiation of exploration activities to post-closure activities. We believe this approach leaves us better equipped to address legacy issues, anticipate and manage current and future risks, and capitalise on opportunities. While the risks faced by mining companies continue to escalate, mining has the potential to act as a catalyst for development. As we seek to create a legacy of sustainable development for our shareholders and stakeholders alike, we recognise that this cannot be achieved in isolation, and a collaborative approach is a prerequisite to success. ​