Nurturing partnerships for development

We seek to invest in socio-economic development and create shared value. We want the communities and societies in which we operate to be better off for AngloGold Ashanti having been there. 


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As a global company, our business spans a wide variety of cultural, economic and social landscapes.

Given this complex and diverse environment, establishing good relationships built on trust with host communities is fundamental to acquiring and maintaining our social licence to operate. We understand the influential role that mining companies can play in the development of local communities and their supporting economies, and strive as far as possible to nurture harmonious relationships with host communities. For decades, mineral wealth contributed to community development, growth and transformation. This recognition has led to heightened expectations from both communities and governments concerning the role mining companies can play in contributing to development. The socio-economic issues most prevalent in our host communities include unemployment, low economic growth, inadequate infrastructure and lack of access to services including healthcare and education. Communities also have concerns about food and water security.


In framing our approach to social contribution, we are guided by a set of management standards that outline the philosophy, scope and application of our community development initiatives. Focus areas include:


  • Enterprise development
  • Infrastructure development
  • Public health initiatives
  • Education and skills development
  • Gender equality


By taking a keen interest in the needs and challenges of society, we create opportunities where communities can benefit from both economic and social opportunities. Engaging with communities throughout the life cycle of our operations is crucial to creating shared value and our ability to create a positive and enduring legacy in support of our values.