Our report

Sustainable gold

The intention of this group-level report is to provide a concise and balanced account of AngloGold Ashanti’s sustainability performance in 2010

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Sustainable gold

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CEO’s letter

Our vision to be the leading mining company
Mark Cutifani
Mark Cutifani

We will only achieve our vision if we can prove our ability to operate sensitively to and with our communities, to partner with them to create ‘enduring value’.

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AngloGold Ashanti and people

A company with vision, committed to excellence

We aim to realise one of our core principles – that ‘People are the business’ – through implementation of the System for People (SP).

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Ethics and governance

Giving effect to our values

This section sets out how our values are put into practice through the company’s various governance structures, as well as through our Code of Ethics, which is the anchor for the application of our values in the company.

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Our key focus areas

  • Improving operational safety performance  

    Safety is our first value

    Safety is our most important business consideration and we are committed to creating the safest possible working environment for our employees. Poor safety performance is unacceptable for the business, as well as for our stakeholders, business and social partners.

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     20102009 2008
    Number of fatalities1515(1)14
    All injury frequency rate (AIFR)(2)11.5012.8816.66
    1. (1) Restated.
    2. (2) The total number of injuries and fatalities per million hours worked
  • Managing health issues  

    Occupational and community health

    In line with our values, we believe that we cannot accept ill health as a natural consequence of our business operations, and that our employees must be able to go home fit and well at the end of each working day. Continue reading...

    New cases of silicosis459409442
    Incidence of compensable noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) (per 100 employees) 2.002.362.60
    Incidence of malaria (per 100 employees)253742
    Percentage of relevant employees provided with anti-retroviral therapy (ART) 75%87%76%

    Data on silicosis, NIHL and ART apply to South Africa only, although small numbers of employees receive ART in other countries. Data on malaria applies to Ghana, Tanzania, Guinea and Mali only.

  • Human rights and business  

    Acting with dignity and respect

    In our values we commit to treating others with dignity and respect, this includes respect for human rights and an undertaking to operate according to the highest standards of business ethics. Continue reading...

     20102009 2008
    Incidents under the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR) 213
    Allegations under the VPSHR646
    Percentage of security personnel trained in the VPSHR 88%86%75%(4)
    1. (4) Estimated data.
  • AngloGold Ashanti and communities  

    Partnering for mutual benefit

    AngloGold Ashanti’s vision is to become the leading mining company which, in the context of sustainability, implies that we will adopt an approach which is inclusive and engaging of a broad range of stakeholders, including host communities and governments. Continue reading...

     20102009 2008
    Economic value generated ($m)5,6204,059(1)3,800
    Payments to government ($000)844,321644,252534,549
    Community investment ($000)16,08010,8818,441
    1. (1) Restated.
  • A life cycle approach: exploration and closure  

    Partnering for mutual benefit

    The commitments made in our values imply that, even at the exploration phase of a project, we need to take into account the fact that our mines will eventually close. Rehabilitation costs must be provided for over the lifetime of the operation, and rehabilitation work must be undertaken in line with our commitment to respect the environment. Continue reading...

  • Environmental and natural resource stewardship  

    Respecting the environment

    Our mining operations share scarce resources with the communities which host us and responsible stewardship of these resources and of the environment is therefore a moral imperative. Continue reading...

     20102009 2008
    Energy usage (Million GJ)30.629.8(1)29.4
    Greenhouse gas emissions (Mt CO2e)4.704.61(1)4.55
    Water usage (ML)54,66455,13853,617
    Number of reportable environmental incidents2751(1)55
    Number (percentage) of relevant sites with full Cyanide Code certification(5)15 (79%) 12 (63%)8 (42%)
    1. (1) Restated.
    2. (5) Cyanide is used at 19 of our operations.
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