2007 Annual Report

Group value-added statement

For the year ended 31 December
Dollar millionNotes(1)%2007%2006
Value added
Gold income2 and 3 3,280 2,964
Purchases of goods and services in order to operate mines and produce refined metal, including market development costs net of other income  (1,352) (1,041)
Value-added by operations 681,928851,923
Fair value gain on option component of convertible bond 247116
Profit on disposal of assets147254
Income from investments and interest received3 and 8124131
Deferred taxation12394130
Utilised in the group     
Retained income 2672210217
Total value added 1002,8221002,271
Value distributed
Salaries, wages and other benefits103599839887
– Current taxation1292399210
Providers of capital     
– Finance costs and unwinding of obligations741256123
– Dividends declared 2548173
– Minorities29132130
– Impairment of tangible and intangible assets626
– Loss from discontinued operations132
– Exchange loss 2
– Loss on non-hedge derivatives and other commodity contracts 2878011239
Total value distributed 792,230741,672
Re-invested in the group
– Amortisation and depreciation416 and 172159226599

(1) Refer to the notes in the Group financial statements.

Distribution of wealth

2007 Distribution of wealth

Distribution of wealth

2006 Distribution of wealth

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