Socio-economic develo​pment


Sharing benefits, delivering on commitments 

Socio-economic.pngWe aim to create shared value for the communities in which we operate. The concept of shared value goes beyond simply redistributing economic wealth. By taking a keen interest in the needs and challenges of society, we are able to create opportunities where communities can benefit from both economic and social opportunities. Engaging with communities throughout the life cycle of our operations is crucial to creating shared value and our ability to create a positive and enduring legacy. To truly provide long-term community benefits we work in partnership with the community, government and local NGOs.

We have community development programmes in place at all our operations. We developed and implemented a set of community standards based on international best practice, to guide our behaviours.  We conduct a thorough assessment and engage in constructive dialogue with communities to address concerns. We invest in development through direct (community investment) and indirect (infrastructure development) contributions. The creation of employment opportunities is another way we make a positive impact.

As a mining company, our role is to support government by encouraging sustainable development in the areas in which we operate and continuity of services once the mine has closed.​