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Safety is our first value. We place people first. The safety and health of people associated with our company, directly or indirectly, is a priority on which we will not compromise.

Our aim is to ​eliminate all workplace accidents, injuries and illnesses. We correspondingly put the highest priority on safe and healthy practices, and systems of work, and seek to create a workplace that encourages e​very employee to reach their full potential.

Our approach addresses the combination of people and processes, establishing robust and resilient systems to enable effective risk management. Procedures alone will not create a safe work environment. Individuals are encouraged to be mindful at all times of their environment and actions, taking personal accountability for ensuring their workplaces are secure. ​​

Equally, our health programmes are designed to recognise, evaluate and control the health hazards associated with mining activities, as well as employ preventative health measures. In many instances we work in harsh conditions, often with little existing infrastructure to support safety and health care.  In some countries malaria, Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS pose a significant risk to our people. We strive to facilitate employee health and ensure our people do not experience adverse health effects.​

Safeguarding our Employees: Ensuring the safety of our people 

Safety is our first value and our intention is to operate the business free of occupational injury and illness.  In furtherance of this we have implemented a rigorous and robust safety management system consisting of 22 programmatic elements which we believe constitutes best practice and conforms to and compliments the internationally recognized OHSAS 18001 management standard.  Our management system focuses on three (3) critical areas: engaging people, building the right systems, and managing risk effectively.

We use a multitude of leading and lagging indicators to objectively monitor and track our performance.  Measures include training completion, action closure, risk reduction, high potential incident occurrence, and injury and severity rates, among others.  Through transparent reporting, focusing on lower level defects/deviations, and leveraging organizational learning, we’ve managed to significantly reduce the occurrence of safety-related incidents across the business.

Despite our achievements, we cannot and will not rest on past performance.  We continue to challenge ourselves and raise our expectations.  Safety is our first value.  We live it and actively demonstrate it each and every day.

People's Wellbeing: The value of health

Health​ is an emotive issue, one that is important to both employees and the company. Our vision articulates that “All employees are healthy – as would be expected for the normal population in terms of age and gender – when they leave the employ of AngloGold Ashanti; and contributions to the health of communities are clearly demonstrated as part of AngloGold Ashanti’s goals”. Healthy employees and healthy communities are an integral of our business success, and we strive to enable each employee to reach their full potential.​

Material Issues

Key health issues facing the company include exposure to occupational hazards and the development of occupational disease (Silicosis, Occupational Tuberculosis and Noise Induced Hearing Loss); high burdens of both communicable and non-communicable diseases in areas where we operate; and growing expectations for the company to contribute positively to enhancing community health.​

Our health strategy

Our strategy focuses on addressing our material issues and considers both employee and community health.
The strategy comprises three themes:

  • Optimising company health systems and processes to drive stable and consistent performance.
  • Integrating health and non-health systems and activities to enhance impact.
  • Sustainability based initiatives to drive mutual value.​

Progress Highlights

In the face of significant health challenges, we have made remarkable progress over the past decade. These include dramatic reductions in employee tuberculosis rates and HIV/AIDS morbidity in South Africa; as well as significant reductions in employee and community malaria incidence rates in areas associated with our Continental Africa Region. ​

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No harm, while protecting our people and assets 


Our mission is to protect our people and our assets, and uphold the reputation of the company. We recognise that our work in vastly differing environments presents different risk profiles, from high to extreme risk to very low-risk environments, and that it is imperative that we anticipate, interpret and appropriately mitigate security risk.

Our most significant security challenges lie in the regions in which we operate where there is endemic poverty, with high levels of unemployment and few opportunities for alternative livelihoods. The presence of artisanal and small scale miners (ASM) can lead to illegal and criminal activity on or around our operations and often presents increased and complex challenges to security. Risks are also present where our operations get caught up in political strife and acrimonious labour relations structures.

We recognise that good community relationships – built on trust – will have the most profound and positive impact on security performance. Effective strategies for community engagement and local economic development to create alternative livelihoods are essential in addressing human rights and security issues and their causes.​

The application of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR) forms an integral part of our global security framework and is the key driver for our security management practices. The VPSHR comprise a set of principles to guide businesses, governments and civil society on meeting security needs while maintaining respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. Our security strategy and framework aims to: 

  • Remove people from risk, and reduce the potential for conflict
  • Define the role and partnerships with communities in complementing security initiatives
  • Engage more effectively with public security providers 
  • Improve technology application and reduce manpower
  • Use highly-trained, skilled and equipped rapid reaction teams to complement applied technologies.​​